Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Funny you should ask.  This is worth reading and is a true story.
The alarm went off at 6AM, it was time to get AlanMichael up and let him get ready for school.  I had a scheduled appointment at 7AM with a Prayer group (Bow down) for the youth that I help lead, so I got up and made a pot of coffee and decided to start my day.  I was enjoying my coffee sitting in my recliner when I heard a loud crashing sound.  It startled me as the house was quieter than the 6AM prayer at the local Monastery.  I ran to where the sound originated, my room, and saw Michelle's sleepy and startled eyes.  "I'll check it out" I said confidently as I ran to the restroom. This is when I noticed that the shower curtain rod had fell.  Somehow the spring inside lost it's tension and no longer was able to stay up.  So much for my morning shower I thought.  I guess I would have to show up stinky to Bow down.  I comforted Michelle and reassured her I would stop by Target on my way home that morning.
Things went well at Bow down. We had the largest showing I could ever remember.  I came home, curtain rod in hand and darn proud of my accomplishments of course.  Michelle rolled her eyes at me an said "Good job babe, now I will go put it up so you can shower"  My chest was instantly deflated.
This being the first day of Stephan's new job at Pok-e-Joes BBQ, I warmly greeted him and softly welcomed him to the morning life of the working.  Stephan soon bartered with me and Michelle eventually getting his way by us allowing him to drive the GrandAm to work, rather than the previous suggested walking.  
Soon Stephan saw his way off to work and Michelle and I were once again alone in a quiet and soothing living room.  Both of us deep into our work as we so often find ourselves at this point in the morning.
Suddenly we hear an muffled explosion then a split second later the electricity turned off.  Wow I thought, that is some curtain rod!!  Michelle looked over at me and lit only by the screen of her computer she said, "What the hell was that?"  Seldom hearing Michelle use this language, I immediately sensed she was not only slightly startled but somewhat scared too.  
I thought, I can handle this one.  I felt my chest once again raise as I told Michelle, "let me go check it out"  I immediately jumped up from my leather perch, after lowering the ottoman of course.  I looked out the front windows to see if neighbors had lost electricity too.  Unable to determine this, I went into the garage.  This is when I noticed Stephan in a fiery and piles of rock on the hood of the GrandAm.  "I had no brakes" Stephan cried out, "I had it in neutral and could not stop the car!"  Seeing that he had a choice of hitting my motorcycle or the garage I immediately thought, wow … I could have gotten a new Harley out of this; instead I have a hole in my garage wall.  
I went out to assess the damage.  I could find no other words to say except "You broke my house Stephan". I walked away calmly and decided to consider my options in silence.  Like a lost puppy dog, Stephan was just steps behind me saying "There were no brakes … it was your bike or the garage, so I thought the damage would be less to the garage"  I turned to him and politely asked if I could have some alone time.  Very scared and somewhat in shock, Stephan granted my wishes and left me alone.  
Stephan made it to work that day but was soon sent home.  He was found getting sick with stress and anxiety and management felt it was better for him to clear his head and return the next day.  Too scared to come home, Stephan went to a friends house and was able to calm himself down.  
Stephan's aim was perfect.  He squarely hit the conduit pipe that holds the main electrical wire that goes to the house.  The impact was so great that the conduit buckled and actually pulled the cable from the pole at the street.  I saw that the main breaker at the street had been stripped from the poles inside the box at the street.  I opened up the meter box that sits above the damaged breaker box and disconnected the electricity at the meter.  It was then safe to work on the shutoff breaker.  I bent the leads back into place and put the breaker back in place.  I prayed as I turned the breaker back on and was delighted when the electricity was restored without incident.  
My electrician came out later on that day to inspect my handy work and signed off this was a safe, but temporary solution.  The home owners insurance agent met with me this morning.  I will be the General contractor for the reconstruction, which hopefully will save the $2600 deductible.  All in all, it had to be one of the most exciting days of the year.

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