Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Answered Prayer

Sleeping soundly, I suddenly imagine myself at a Soccer game in Manchester England. Finally realizing it is my Manchester United Calypso ring tone, alerting me of a text from my wife, I opened my eyes and glanced at my phone hoping the text would not be bad news. My wife never bothers me this late, I feared the worst. The text was brief, it read "Are you awake? Can you call me?" My fears climaxed as I dialed the number to the house. "All your fish are dead" she reported. The 15 inch Oscar named Prozac was floating along with about 15 other large aggressive tropical fish. I ran through the fish names in my head, shadow, Jerry, Blue Stallion. My wife then reports that one fish survived the obvious lack of oxygen in the 125 gallon tank. I love my fish and reports they are dead really has me down. I have a hard time getting back to sleep that night. I turned to the Lord … "Our Father, who art in heaven" I prayed. Giving up on a losing battle, I turn the light on and open my bible. I turned to Psalm 120
I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer.
What a perfect message for this time in my life. Last Sunday I took my troubles to the Lord. I applied for a different role and I felt almost black listed. My phone calls for follow-up were ignored and emails I sent were not responded to. I felt like this was a personality problem on my part. I read on in Psalm 120 and see more and more how this fits in my life at this time:
Rescue me, O Lord, from liars and from all deceitful people. deceptive tongue, what will God do to you?
I am thankful to my Lord for His answered prays in my troubled times.

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