Monday, December 7, 2009


Pearl Harbor was bombed on this day, many years ago. We try to never forget the sacrifice the fallen soldiers gave us. This past weekend, Daryl Pickens joined me on my Saturday run for Shoulder the Cross. We talked about the Word while we were together. In our conversation, Daryl told me he was struggling with a lot right now. His eyes swelled with tears as I explained my passion of serving the poor. He then stared at me puzzled and said "Brian, why is there only 3 years of Jesus' life covered in the bible?" The question took me off guard. I later posed the question to my pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church, Matt Carter. Matt lead me to the last words in the Gospel of John;
John 21:25
"Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written."
Matt also spoke of John the baptist. While John was in prison waiting execution, he sent a friend to ask his cousin Jesus the question "Are you the Messaiah?" Upon hearing this question Jesus responded "Poor people are being fed with food and scripture"
Mathew 11:2-4
The disciples of John the Baptist told John about everything Jesus was doing. So John called for two of his disciples, and he sent them to the Lord to ask him, “Are you the Messiah we’ve been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone else?”
John’s two disciples found Jesus and said to him, “John the Baptist sent us to ask, ‘Are you the Messiah we’ve been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone else?’”
At that very time, Jesus cured many people of their diseases, illnesses, and evil spirits, and he restored sight to many who were blind. Then he told John’s disciples, “Go back to John and tell him what you have seen and heard—the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor. And tell him, ‘God blesses those who do not turn away because of me.’”

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