Friday, October 29, 2010

Everything happens for a reason

Michelle and I enjoyed our wonderful 8th wedding anniversary at Panama City Beach Florida. One of the favorite things to do was to watch the sunset disappear into the Gulf waters. After sitting uncomfortably on the hard rental recliners, we buy 2 chairs from the store and use them to watch the sunset on the beach. We only used them one time and thought we could return them. The next day, we returned the chairs to the store and the customer service representative asks, "Did you use them?"
Michelle and I both say "Nope". Were we in denial? Come on now, this was a blatant, flat out lie. I had a chance to fix it but chose not to. This lie, as minor it sounds, is a sin. 1 Peter 5:8-9 came to my mind after studying it this week in bible study:
1 Peter 5:8-9
8 Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 9 Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

Here is how I see this verse fit in the above scenario; after this sin, the devil tried to put his hooks in me. We went to the airport the following day, ending a perfect anniversary trip to the Gulf of Mexico.
We left thinking we had plenty of time to get there and get on the plane. On the way, I realized I forgot to fill the rental car up with gas, so we turned around, filled the car up. We get to the airport with plenty of time to spare but this is when the drama begins.
I went to the rental car desk to return the key and waited behind some lady telling the rental car employee about her cats, her dogs, where she lives, alligators and who knows what else. 10 minutes it is finally my turn. The rental agreement was wrong, so this had to be fixed; I originally had the car reserved for 2 extra days, so this needed to be removed from my bill. My bill was printed and I on my way.
I head off to the Southwest ticket counter to meet Michelle who was already in line to get our boarding passes. With us we had a case of wine, 2 suitcases and a cooler with some freshly caught Red Snapper. We soon discovered the wine and the fish were not allowed to be in our baggage. The Southwest representative brought us aside to inspect our baggage. After some haggling and bargaining, she eventually sold us some bubble wrap for the wine then actually helped us repack it allowing us to legally check it through our baggage. "I'm a wine-o myself and would hate to see you lose those 12 bottles of wine" she said then suggested we try to carry on the fish. We were issued our tickets and off to our next obstacle ... security.
The TSA rent-a-cop spent more time checking our IDs than it takes you to finish one of Brian Luck's stories. I think she marked up almost every inch of your ticket (Just another delay). Shoes off ... check, belt off ... check, keys in the bin and cooler with the fish ready to go through the x-ray. With any luck we would be out of there and off to catch the plane with time to spare. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and heard, "Sir, please step over to our secure area here, you have been randomly selected to be screened" I saw Michelle and told her to go catch the flight, I will meet you there shortly. Michelle smiled and softly said, as soon as I get done with this body search. She always gets searched when she wears those skirts of hers. "Sir is this your cooler?" I hear another man say. I tell him it is and will help him go through it after I am frisked. After a quick inspection I figured I would lose my fish for sure this time, to an even bigger Dolphin that was in the Gulf (True but different story, no time to explain right now). The TSA guard found I had violated the liquids regulation. "Liquids need to be placed on the belt sir, I will need to run everything back through the x-ray again" he said with a slight grin. Our father, who art in heaven... The fish made it through without any hassle and soon I was on my way to the gate.
Hallowed be thy name ...Michelle finishes well before me and has already boarded the plane by the time I get to the gate.
"Hurry sir, they are about to shut the doors" was the last thing I heard before feeling the relief of boarding the plane. Not too unusual in today's times, the plane was close to capacity. I saw Michelle as I boarded and she said "no available seats next to each other, sorry" I asked the steward if there was any room in the overhead bins, he checked for me. We found some room, so I hiked up the cooler and was unsuccessful in my attempts to make it fit. The steward suggested removing the contents of a bulging pocket on the outside of the cooler.
Liking the idea, I unzipped the pocket on the cooler while it rested half in and half out of the bin. Little did I know the contents of the pocket had Michelle's panties in it. I grabbed the miscellaneous clothes from the pocket and out came the bright red lacy panties, which fell on the poor soul sitting below the bin I was working on. Being the last person on the plane and the only passenger still standing, all eyes were on me when this happened. The steward stared blankly at me then said, "Wow, we know what's under her skirt don't we!" The entire plane roared in laughter. Ready to sit down immediately, I looked for an open seat, I didn't see any. I noticed a middle seat not too far in front of me and headed to sit down as quickly as I could. The large man next to me thought he had ownership of his seat and half of mine. I eventually just leaned forward and spent about 70 minutes leaning on my tray table. By the time the flight landed in Houston for our short lay-over, my back was killing me. Sometimes we wonder why bad things happen to us, this was one case where I feel like I knew exactly why these things happened to us. This was a lesson learned for me. No matter how small the lie or fib is, it is still wrong. Ever hear the saying everything happens for a reason? This sure did.

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