Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dinner with Rader then back to Nana's

Saturday night we drove to Denver to meet old friends of ours, Joe and Tracy Rader. We met at a sports bar in a North Denver suburb. We were a little late because there was an accident on IH 25. Someone was hauling a pickup truck on an 18’ car hauler using a half ton Ram pickup. Common sense explains what happened there. The car hauler was wheels up and the cab of the pickup was crunched. On the way home we stopped by the Greeley Place, where Nana lives, to drop off some much needed Motrin. The arthritis in Nana’s jaw was bothering her. It was nice spending more time with Nana. She complained about moving soon. Her concerns were that she couldn’t find the address for the new place. I asked the name and she didn’t know it. “Point something or another” she said. I used my smart phone to not only find the name, but also the address of the new place. I told her the address and she said “Yea that’s it” I was surprised by this response because she led me to believe nobody would give her the address of the place. “I called the chamber of commerce” was her answer. We laughed and later figured out that her compulsive buying problem was probably the reason she wanted the address. She wanted the shopping magazines and things mailed to her. I told her how many beds the new place had and rattled off a few of the fun activities she could join in on. “How do you know all that stuff” she asked. “Well Michelle’s Mom Jeneane has a phone” Nana barked. Michelle’s mom promised a special phone call to me when Nana brings this up to her the next time she wants information on something. “My phone doesn’t have all these things” she will say.

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