Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nana ... ornery? hahaha

Saturday was the day we planned to help Nana clean her apartment. Michelle inherited some of Nana’s bells. She took several of her favorite bells and grabbed a bell for Jennifer as well. There was a really cool cast iron mechanical bank, but Michelle’s Aunt Tina put her dibs on that. We also saw a flag that had flown over the Capitol of the United States. Tina took the US flag also. This gave me the idea to see how I could obtain a flag for myself. After some online research I found that for a small fee to Texas Congresswoman Kay Bailey Hutchinson, we could purchase a flag and have it flown over the US Capitol on a day of our choice. We decided to buy one and have it flown on my birthday April 3rd. After finishing up at Nana’s apartment we headed back to the house. It was entertaining to listen to the complaining about Nana’s disposition. Nana can have quite the ornery tone at times. I thought it was cute how Nana’s mood would always change when Michelle would talk to her and report how all the kids and grandkids are doing. Both Tina and Michelle’s Mom said “Shoot me if I ever get that way” Bang? Nah not just yet.

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