Monday, January 24, 2011


Today I was busy working most of the day. I was on the computer and my phone most of the day, as Michelle’s Mom was quick to point out. Michelle spent most of the day with her sister Tracy who lives next door to her Mom. We had dinner at Michelle’s Moms house. We had a Mexican soup. We later played cards again. I had to chuckle at a comment by Michelle’s Mom. She said “Grandpa Spencer put it best when he said that fish and company have something in common; after 4 days they both stink, and no offense Brian but you have been here for 4 days” We laughed and couldn’t help but to compare her to her mother, who she so much doesn’t want to be like. I thought, wow she has no filter … I later scrubbed the dinner dishes and wiped all the countertops and stove top down. Michelle’s Mom told me I had done enough. Being quick on my feet I quickly reverted with “I am only trying to scrub the stink out a little bit."

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